Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Dreaming

Woke up with a headcold..UGH...wonder if I caught it from ornery bastard!!

Spent most of yesterday drawing up plans for spring and summer. Deciding where to plant what...what areas need cleaning much work I can realistically handle.

Want to start out with a 30' X 50' garden plot...sounds big but most of it will be planted in corn, beans and squash-pumpkins...the rest in lettuce, broccoli, brussel sprouts and peppers. Inherited a nifty raised bed with permanent tomato cages...grew some there at the tail end of June and got a decent crop. My main effort will be to establish a medicinal herb garden. A combo of containers and beds. Just ordered $41.00 worth of herb seed from Bountiful Gardens in Willits, Ca...all their seeds are heirloom - open pollinated.

Will relocate and expand the rhubarb patch and line the garden fence with berry plants...mostly raspberries.( my favorite)...may try a couple strawberry barrels but haven't had much luck growing them in this area. Already have established patches of chives and sunflowers...also 1 each-apricot plum and apple trees. The apricot is WONDERFUL...quite a producer...made lots of jam last August plus more than enough to eat fresh. Want to figure out what to do with two big trees worth of crab apples...found a recipe for spiced crab apples I might try.

Deer are going to be a problem. Despite living in a fairly dense neighborhood I had 10 deer in my yard a few nights ago...and they are totally unafraid of a TSHTF scenario they will be toast. main garden will need to be considering a hot daughter can help me with that (you up for this Shelly???)

Am going to give Ruth Stout's intensive mulching method a serious go...will need a ton of soil looks pretty and well aeriated.

Bought another 6 gal water container's about the weight limit I can handle myself. Have 3 of them my a good feeling to see them lined up in my pantry.

Snow forcasted for today...think me and my cold are going to get comfie with a cup of tea a blankie and a good book.



  1. I woudl love to help you with the hot line but I think it may not work for the deer. They are jumpers and horseds are more of pushers so they would probably just jump right over it. We will have to look into that more. Love you mom, hope you are feeling better today.

  2. I am so envious of this garden!!! I've had one before but not at this house. You may motivate me to start one. As for the deer, do you have a shotgun? Do you like venison? Otherwise, I hear a border of marigolds or moth balls might do the trick...

    Thanks for visiting me. I'll be back!

  3. I hope you get over it quickly, it is an annoying S.O.B..