Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cooking For One...NOT

Cooking for one can be so boring...All my life I've cooked for a crowd...stuff like enchiladas, soups. big batches of mac and cheese...there are so many more choices if one is not restricted to one or two servings.

Unfortunately when faced with consuming a gallon or two of whatever...because even the most wonderful pot of anything will spoil if not eaten in a timely eyes start to glaze over by day 3.

I read Michael Pollan's new book...FOOD RULES...(an excellent little read)... and was inspired to look at my cooking and eating habits...also I was looking for a better way to manage my pantry. I realized I was eating more for convenience than health...not making the most of my stored food...and that big beautiful freezer in my back room could be used much more efficiently.

So I started with a list...matching what I want to cook with what I have stored...Turns out I didn't have to buy much to fill in the gaps...then I dug out a bunch of pint canning jars..lids and rings...and started cooking.

Made 2 kinds of soup...a big pot of chili...and a banana cake...divided the soups and chili into the canning jars (a single serving each)...cut up the cake and put all in the freezer. Have plans today to make enchiladas,lasagna and breakfast muffins...still to come...spaghetti sauce, cookies and more soup. I'm on a roll!!!

This is so I can have the foods I love without the boredom pantry is getting rotated efficiently and I am eating much healthier...Thanks for the inspiration Mr Pollan!!


  1. What a great idea! And the part I like the most is that you are still able to cook the meals you love to do! An added bonus!

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