Friday, January 29, 2010

My Plan

First I want my garden to be very specific...medicinal herbs have always been an interest and this year I would like to broaden my knowledge...I want to try Ruth Stout's methods and the trinity of corn-squash-beans...I want to improve on the existing rhubarb patch (love the stuff)...get some serious berry plants in and a couple of dwarf fruit trees...maybe apple and pear...haven't decided.

Parts of the yard are overgrown and need attention...lots of shady areas where hosta and begonias would considering bees, but more like next year when I feel I have a bit of control of the situation...Also neighbor has a mini flock of 5 or 6 who come over to visit ...they bring the family cat too...I think he's their protector. This is a perfect house for window boxes...I think that's a project for my son...also lots of container tomatoes and peppers along the sunny front walk.

Inside the house I have a pellet stove and though I like it I want to replace it with a wood stove...this is a small house and it wouldn't take a very big stove to do the job...have the landlords permission and am saving as we speak!!

Have a whole room at the back of the house for my pantry...stays nice and present it holds my freezer, galvinized cans full of pasta, oatmeal, beans etc...and shelves full of preps line the walls...will get better organized there...add more shelves...get a few more galvanized cans.

Last but definitely not least...I have to get in shape...have neglected my health and need to get back on the stick...This is always the hardest part for me...but I am very motivated in these uncertain times...want to be fit so I can be a help and not a burden..

So there are the bones of my plan...would appreciate any helpful suggestions along the way...


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  1. Be positive, you have been in great shape before and you keep speaking of this uncertain times. Life is what you make of it and you have taught me that, be the shining example. You should check out my blog at and remember. I love you. Shelly