Sunday, March 7, 2010

Odds & Ends Sunday

It's time to cook up a storm and restock the freezer with my homemade TV dinners...First thing this AM I made a tamale pie from a new recipe ...turned out great...will make enchiladas next and another pot of chili...sounds like I'm in the mood for spicy!!!Will try a new recipe for apple cake and a bread pudding...also oatmeal cookies and some kind of breakfast muffin...This sytsem is working out very well for me.

Dried a bunch of apples yesterday...jars look so nice on the shelf...That's something that isn't mentioned often preservation LOOKS pretty...rows of mason jars filled with all the colors of the rainbow...makes me feel so 'back to the land'..

Got an email from the company I ordered my herb seeds from...apparently a mix-up on my order...they thought they shipped and didn't...very nice lady named Betsy took care of it for me and they are on their way as we speak...

My co-op order is in...just buying honey this month...price went up again...damn...but it is very good honey and I need it for I will bite the bullet.

Went and priced peat pots for my herb and garden seed starts...too much $$$ for the quantity I went online and found a method for making them out of newspaper and a soup can...told my 7 yr old granddaughter about it and she is all excited to help me make in the high desert we can't realistically plant till mid June so won't start the seeds till mid so envious of those who can plant in April or May...forces us to look for varieties that mature very early...our local community college is offering a class on vegie gardening in our area...took it years ago...but need a will enroll.

The Klamath Basin is in big water trouble this year...we had 1 big snow storm all winter and a few small flurries that didn't add up to any appreciable snow pack...the drought in the west is 'real' folks and doesn't look to be getting better anytime soon...SCARY



  1. Marcie, have you thought about using your paper towel and TP roles for DIY peat pots? You cut them to the height you want then clip the bottoms to make them "fold in" for a bottom. Cheap and works well

  2. Hi SciFiChick...have actually used tp rolls in the past...they work very well for carrots..already have the newspaper so thought I would give this method a try...I think the newspaper will decompose quicker. ...thanks for visiting!!

  3. Honey, come back to the light and post something!